About Us
Y E S, the three alphabet letters represent Y-Your, E-Essential, S-Solution which symbolizes the value proposition of financial advisory services offered by YES Wealth Planners to our valued clients. We are licensed and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia as Financial Advisers Firm and Islamic Financial Advisers Firm.

We offer independent holistic financial advice on financial planning services across multiple banking institutions, investment banks, fund managers, corporate trustees, offshore financial institutions, multiple life insurance companies, takaful operators and general insurance companies. Thus, we are committed to put our clients’ interest first and seek for the best, non-bias, independent and most suitable financial products across multiple providers in the market for our clients to meet their financial objectives.


To become Malaysia’s leading Financial Advisory Firm and Malaysian breed International FA Firm across South East Asia by 2025.


To provide valued customers with holistic financial advise and professional services in financial planning for effective wealth creation, accumulation, preservation and distribution.

Founder Profile

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
John Chan has more than 16 years of experience in the field of financial services and agency management. He hold professional certification of Registered Financial Planner RFP, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in management.

With outstanding performance in providing financial planning solutions, business management, and agency practice, he was awarded with numerous awards and recognitions. Among the significant awards which were received through Malaysian Ministers are 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award Top 30 Finalist, FMA Remarkable Entrepreneur Award and Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award.

He was interviewed by Astro Kah Lai Toi 304 Channel through Program 'Young Entrepreneur Story'. Besides he was also interviewed by 'Foot Print' business magazine about his success as a young entrepreneur. As the founder of Licensed Financial Advisers Firm, John Chan was interviewed as Front Cover Figure in 'Chinese Money Compass'《精明理财》, back cover figure of 'English Money Compass' and 'Financial 1st' magazine.

As an author and Human Resource Development Fund HRDF Certified Trainer, John Chan also published a motivational book about young entrepreneurship named 'Fire Your Boss'.

'Chinese Money Compass'《精明理财》Cover Story Interview

'Financial 1st' Malaysian Financial Planning Council Magazine Vol 3/2017 Back Cover Story Interview