Family Trust
People have worked hard to build up and accumulated their wealth for their family and future generations. Now they would like to preserve their wealth and to be able to make sure that their wealth gets passed to the right people at the time they want.

We are here to help manage, protect and transfer your wealth to future generations by helping you to set up your Private Trust and giving you greater peace of mind.

A Family Trust or Private Trust is a legal concept whereby an individual (the settlor) transfers legal ownership to assets to the trustees who then manage and hold these assets for the benefit of others (beneficiaries). The beneficiaries may include yourself, your family, your issues, as well as other individuals, companies, charities or foundations. It is a versatile estate planning tool to protect and manage your wealth for the interest of your loved ones, both during and after your lifetime. There are many uncertainties in life. But you have the power to protect your assets and the interest of yourself and your loved ones. Your wealth will be well preserved and your legacy with last for many generations.

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