SCAMMER ALERT: If there are unscrupulous parties misusing the Name & Logo of YES Financial Berhad to offer investment scheme promising high returns, with the intention to defraud, we wish to clarify that, YES Financial Berhad is a Licensed Financial Planning & Financial Advisory Firm, and we DO NOT offer any guaranteed investment packages. We also DO NOT collect investment monies from clients directly. We only deal with licensed and legitimate investment products.
Insurance & Risk Management
“Secure Your Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Insurance Planning”

Life is filled with uncertainties, but your financial security doesn't have to be one of them. Our professional insurance planning services are designed to safeguard your future and provide you and your loved ones with the protection you deserve.

We are licensed by Bank Negara as Approved Financial Adviser, who are the independent party to represent you to source best insurance solutions to match your need across multiple Insurance and Takaful Operator.

Engage us today for non-biased insurance advice.
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